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Jay Serafin
Taper Notes:
View NotesBAND: GRATEFUL DEAD SHOW DATE: 08/21/93 VENUE: AUTZEN STADIUM @ UNIVERSITY OF OREGON LOCATION: EUGENE, OR SET(S): I / II LINEAGE SBD > D > ILLEGAL BOOTLEG CD > SSSB LINEAGE ADDITIONAL INFO: REFERENCE AUDIO SECTIONS: MY MARIN COUNTY SOURCE SBD > SHOW MASTER D AUDIO RATING: AR1 MEDIA REQUIRED: DAT: 1x180 min. CD-R / MINI DISC: 2 SEEDED FOR THE GDLIVE RELEASE BY: "SUPERNOVA" (JERRY FORD), JAY SERAFIN, AND IN PART, JAY'S MARIN COUNTY SOURCE RELEASED ON: 10/25/01 JAY'S PERSONAL COMMENTS: First off, I want to thank "SuperNova" ( Jerry Ford... [email protected] ) for his sending me his copy of the ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS to compare with the same ones I had given to me many years ago. His seed CD's gave both credence and complete verification to the audio I had. Also, my Marin County source sent me multipple "snippets" from this show from 6 different songs, which were used as a "reference" to how the mix and the audio actually sounded at the venue that night and was archived by the Dead. These were used to process the show's audio to match (with 98.4% accuracy) with that of the ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS, which were the actual "seed audio" for this release. Jerry's CD's, which were the same as mine (slight variations in the jewel case inserts were noted, especially the "Copyright" year from the illegal bootleg company called KTS ("Kiss The Stone") which is based in Italy. Unfortunately, the acappella opening for Here Comes Sunshine, as well as the first 30 or so seconds of the opening music do not appear on the ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS. This is a shame, as my source did NOT send me this material to include in this show release. It is my understanding that this show will, in the future, become a commercial release, and the full HCS opening will be used in that 3-disc release. This, supposedly, will occur in late 2002 or early 2003. Well, on with the review... EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY FROM OPENING NOTE TO THE CLOSING CHORDS' FADEOUT. Very crisp, clear, no hiss other than that of the recording equipment itself (this hiss is -60 dB or lower, so it doesn't interfere with the show's audio at all). You can listen closely when the between-song lulls occur, and hear the noise gates for the instruments and microphones opening and closing, that's how high the audio quality is for this show. This show is not missing any songs. The only "problem" is that the company that made these ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS, "KTS", had to edit parts of Drums to make it fit onto the 2nd CD disc. Many of these edits were quite noticeable (there were 7 edits in all, and because of their "subtle abruptness", I chose to cross-fade the offending edits, matching up the segments beat for beat. You cannot tell now where the edits actually were. Because of the clarity of the audio of this show, only a very minor amount of processing was done. This was in the form of less than 1 dB of attenuation or boost in extremely narrow frequency bands (less than 50 Hz wide) at the lowest audio frequencies (below 100 Hz), as well as 3 narrow bands in the vocal areas between 6,200 and 7,400 Hz. This was done to perfectly match the "reference audio" of the Dead's master archive of this show as opposed to what KTS did to make the show sound the way it did on their ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS. Bird Song was a very smooth and very energetic (in laid-back way) version, and was a good 14+ minutes in length. That segued right into a smoking The Promised Land. Huey Lewis didn't fail to help out in the instrumental portions of Good Morning Little School Girl through Smokestack Lightning. He also was in the background during Space, and his harmonica was very evident during the last bit of Space. So, make a note in your databases that he also played on that song (no database I've seen gives this information). Although this was the beginning show a long West Coast area run, Jerry seemed to run out of steam by Standing On The Moon in his vocals. His guitar playing was top shelf for the entire show, so there was no lack of energy on his part. Bobby filled the gap very nicely, and he was "just right" in the overall mix. The keyboards were not lacking in their contributions at all, and not overly present in the mix. Just right. Billy and Micky were ON this night, playing in sync as well as "off of each other" quite well. Space was cut by KTS by about 2 minutes, which is a shame. But, that's what you come to exepect from ILLEGAL BOOTLEG DISCS, no matter who makes them. A typical and "no frills" I Fought The Law closed out this very wonderful show. Even though the audience "ambience mikes" were not really in the mix much, what you can hear lets you know that this show was very much appreciated, and the gave the Boyz their "props" that night. And the band reciprocated. PERSONAL RATINGS: (on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being excellent) Audio Mix: 9.9 Audio Quality: 10 Energy Level: 9.6 Show "Completeness": 9.2 (the edits in Drums and Space account for this rating level) Song Selection: Nothing special Surprises: None