Wally Stine
Wally Stine
Nak 300's Hand Held (Arm still sore) into my Sony d7.
Dat > Sblive > CDwave > mkw Audio tools > Shn.
Taper Notes:
View Notes-- update 10-21-2002 Patched using source "Running 2 TEAC decks and using AKG mics." ----- There are 3 problems with this recording, but since I have not seen many fob's or any sound board sorces here it is. I was asked to leave the concert three times by security for taping outside the taper section. SCREW THEM!! I'm not gonna tape on the other side other the stadium and bring home a shit recording. During Eternity is the first time the guard came up to me, you'll here it. The second time is during deal, when he confiscates the Bob Dylan tape I recorded an hour before. Then during china/ rider I moved and he still found me. That was when I realized what those camera's are for, on the top of Giants Stadium. Besides the ending of Deal, I managed to get the whole show some how. Some security Person has a great copy of Dylan's set. UPDATE 10-21-2002: I finally after 7 years have found an FOB that has the same quality to patch the fuckups created by the Taping Police. Eternity, Deal and China > Rider are fixed and complete. I do not know Who to thank, But I do remember the three Guys by their faces. Hopefully I will see them again. They were Running 2 TEAC decks and using AKG mics. [COMMENT for 10-21-2001 update: By the MD5s, only d1t06, d1t07, d1t08 changed,added new d1t09, and old d1t09 became new d1t10. The other tracks are identical to pre-patched tracks.] TRACKING CHANGE 10-27-2002: Previous track d1t02 contained "Stranger; Bertha", split using shntool, boundaries fixed by shntool. Other tracks not changed but renumbered accordingly. --William at TuneTree Recorded by Wally Stine [email protected] wal[email protected] Heaven HeLp thE foOl, RidE Her lIkE a SurfEr!!!!