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View NotesPHISH October 30, 1985 Hunt's, Burlington, VT Source: Page's Master > cass > cass Transfer: Cass, 2nd gen > HHB > CDR > Flac Disc One 01. Harry Hood 02. Dog Log > 03. Possum 04. Slave to the Traffic Light 05. Sneakin' Sally 06. I Wish 07. Revival 08. Alumni Blues > 09. Letter to Jimmy Page > 10. Alumni Blues 11. Prep School Hippie Disc Two 01. Skippy the Wondermouse I got a tape of this show from Richard Wright, aka "Nancy," and his copy was made from Page's master. I don't know if this is a SBD or AUD, but given the AUD noise, my guess is that it was just recorded using mics near the stage -- and is an AUD. This is an upgrade of the version of this show on the online Spreadsheet. Shownotes from the current (2009-09-06) version of the Mockingbird Foundation/Phish Companion setlists file: This show contained the first known versions of Dog Log, Harry Hood, Possum, I Wish, and Revival. Trey remarked during the intro to Hood that "this one is a story of the man who lives directly across the street from us right now."(The house on King Street where Trey, Fish, and Brian Long lived was across the street from the Hood factory.) Slave was dedicated to Brickle. Treys humorous comments about being back on Planet Earth were in reference to the events at Goddard on October 26. This setlist is likely incomplete. ph1985.10.30d1t1.flac:a9aabc243c3be6ab7f44a34b03087cb6 ph1985.10.30d1t10.flac:6c301a00e6cfd88256307658954a33a6 ph1985.10.30d1t11.flac:2d5d6d9edbe212f48c49839c87448e6f ph1985.10.30d1t2.flac:2a36357f4dd214ef1eeb4e596cd7cd6d ph1985.10.30d1t3.flac:d45b70dcf94307ee4cf006e7de8bb556 ph1985.10.30d1t4.flac:70c18a0407f7ec5474e67406f513eb7d ph1985.10.30d1t5.flac:24c4400b5d46ab45e461fe47a9d2e526 ph1985.10.30d1t6.flac:04b750b8cb2e9180c3ac4413e82da21b ph1985.10.30d1t7.flac:e4e204a55c4b34044497a479c2ac9013 ph1985.10.30d1t8.flac:d9a3a4b572b85affe7b47673f0569532 ph1985.10.30d1t9.flac:3a94b68cd430e261b42e766ecfb15465 ph1985.10.30d2t1.flac:a116f0d15001be9f649f781f8c65f6bc