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View NotesPhish - 2/27/93 Florida Theater - Gainesville, FL Set I (disk 1) 01 Intro 02 Golgi Apparatus 03 Rift 04 Guelah Papyrus 05 Maze 06 Bouncin' Around the Room 07 It's Ice 08 Sparkle 09 Punch You In the Eye ^ 10 Lawn Boy 11 Run Like an Antelope Set II (disk 2) 01 Intro 02 The Curtain 03 Stash 04 Poor Heart 05 Sample in a Jar 06 Big Ball Jam 07 Yamar 08 Mike's Song -> 09 I am Hyrdogen -> 10 Weekapaug Groove 11 HYHU -> Terrapin -> HYHU 12 Fee 13 Llama Encore 14 Sleeping Monkey 15 Amazing Grace (48khz-Schoeps) 16 Rocky Top (48khz-Schoeps) Notes: Amazing Grace and Rocky Top were also played during the encore and were not on this tape. ^ Analog tape flip done at the end of PYITE, although no music is missing There was digi-noise in both Sparkle and Sample present on my DAT. In Sparkle I was able to copy the right channel over the digi-noise in the left channel. Sample was quite a bit more nasty. Through a combination of channel copying individual samples, WaveLab's pencil tool and a few sample deletions I was able to get the track into it's present form. It's still not perfect (you can expect some problems from about 2:57 to 3:10), but it's a pretty good improvement and much more listenable especially in comparison to the original. If you're curious how the track was before I worked on it, check out Source: DSBD > C1 > DAT Xfer: d100 > zoltrix > WaveLab4 > CDWave > Flac/CDR Transferred and seeded by Rusty Gray ([email protected])