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View NotesPhish 12-08-94 MIX Spreckels Theatre San Diego, CA As the 'm' indicates, this is a MIX of two sources: -- THE DSBD -- Source: DSBD > Master DAT > My first-generation DAT clone (Taped by Mr. Anonymous) Transfer: My DAT (First Gen Clone) > Fostex D5 > optical cable > HOSA ODL-276 > coax cable > Waveterminal 2496, hardware downsampling to 44.1KHz on Set I only (Set II was apparently recorded at 44.1) > CoolEdit 2000 Static removal & other fixes > CDWave 1.6 > WAV > mkwACT 0.97b1 > SHN v3 (By Jeff Ishaq ) Scarcity: Mr. Anonymous's DSBD DATs are widely circulated, though because they are unauthorized, they don't show up on etree and some traders don't indicate the show on their list. Some copies have noise reduction performed on them, I'm sure. Notes: * The master DAT is plagued by constant, light static throughout the entire show -- IMHO, it's unlistenable. Also, it is missing the first song. I used Cool Edit 2000 to remove 99.9% of the static clicks, and I also integrated Makisupa, Nellie Cane, and Sweet Adeline from the FOB AUD. The sound quality of the original DSBD DAT is identical to the click- removed version, it's not like it was compressed or lost high end or has phase shifting or anything nastly like that! * I produced this mix to liberate the DSBD source into a continuous, listenable source for my own collection. I don't intend this to be the de facto "best source" for this show. In fact, the FOB AUD in wide circulation sounds just as good as the DSBD, and it's unadultered. I only recommend this show for the sake of archival purposes. -- END OF DSBD NOTES -- -- THE AUD -- Source: FOB AKG460 (13 Ft. pole, front row, center-right {12-7}, center-left {12-8}) > 10' XLR > PS > 3' XLRs > Technics SV260A > DAT (Taped by Linda Webster) Transfer: Technics SV260A > COAX > Cool Edit WAV (editing done here) > CDWAV > mkwACT v3 > SHN (By Linda Webster) Scarcity: Linda's AUD source is widly available via etree. Notes: * This FOB AUD sounds as good as the DSBD, so if you're a purist looking for an unadultered show, seek these out! * Linda used Cool Edit to make the acoustic/a capella songs louder, and to stifle audience noise. -- END OF AUD NOTES -- Flaws / Mixing Notes: * There are still some very infrequent and quiet static pops the linger (I was only able to remove 99.9% of them!). Also, some mild saturation occurs in loud passages that sounds like static. d1t02 00:06 This is where the AUD morphs into the the start of the SBD DAT. d2t05 00:00 SBD becomes AUD again for these a capella songs (inaudble on SBD) d2t07 00:56 This is where the AUD morphs back into the SBD for the remainder d1t08 05:43.112 -> 05:43.146 Left-channel dn zap, crosspasted away with rt chn 10:52.150 -> 10:52.184 " Tracking: Disc One: [71:38] 01. [06:03] Makisupa Policeman -> 02. [10:43] Maze 03. [07:53] AC/DC Bag 04. [09:55] Scent of a Mule 05. [07:18] Punch You in the Eye 06. [09:23] Simple -> 07. [02:58] Catapult -> Simple -> 08. [11:48] Lizards 09. [05:57] While My Guitar Gently Weeps Disc Two: [75:40] <-- NEEDS AN 80-MINUTE CDR! 01. [16:00] Possum 02. [02:32] My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own 03. [04:22] Axilla [Part II] 04. [19:31] Reba 05. [03:59] Nellie Cane, 06. [02:00] Sweet Adeline, 07. [13:28] David Bowie 08. [04:31] Golgi Apparatus Encore: 09. [01:23] The Horse -> 10. [05:19] Silent in the Morning 11. [02:35] Rocky Top Jeff Ishaq 07/15/01 Burlington, VT