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View NotesPhish 07/10/98 Zeleste Barcelona, Spain :::::SOURCE: AKG C1000 on 2.2m stand, in TS just behind Paul's mixer > DA P1 > Master DAT; taped by Aldo Torre :::::LINEAGE: Master DAT > Fostex D5 + Tascam DA20mkII > Alf's First Gen Clone :::::TRANSFER: Alf's DAT (First Gen Clone) > Fostex D5 > optical cable > HOSA ODL-276 > coax cable > Waveterminal 2496, hardware downsampling to 44.1KHz > CoolEdit 2000 > CDWave 1.6 > WAV > mkwACT 0.97b1 > SHN v3 :::::CREDITS: Taped by Aldo Torre. Transferred, tracked, initially critiqued, and seeded thru Dankseeds by Jeff Ishaq <[email protected]>. Thanks to Alf & Aldo for the DAT! Thanks also to Matt Vernon for fixing up fades. ___________________________________________________________________________ *Dankseed Certification received 2002-03-30* and posted at Listening test performed by *5* danksters positive criteria met: Tracking- OK Seamless and complete- OK Lineage listed- OK negative criteria met: DAE- NO Resampled- NO Diginoise- NO ___________________________________________________________________________ 07-10-98 Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain Disc One: [55:07] Set I: 01. [10:59] Down with Disease 02. [04:26] Dogs Stole Things# 03. [05:00] The Divided Sky#* 04. [03:38] Mike's Song#** (0:27) Set II: 05. [05:05] Halley's Comet -> 06. [12:56] Jam > % 07. [06:56] Roggae 08. [06:03] Sparkle#*** Disc Two: [69:11] 01. [10:05] Mike's Song -> 02. [12:33] Simple -> 03. [09:53] Jam -> 04. [12:37] Weekapaug Groove 05. [05:03] Sample in a Jar 06. [06:49] Good Times Bad Times Encore: 07. [03:38] Brian and Robert 08. [08:30] Taste #Loud PA problems in each of these songs. *Trey forgets some of the guitar parts; aborted after a particularly bad PA glitch. **Aborted due to PA problems. Set 1 ends early so the crew can work on the PA. Trey promises a long second set, right up to the curfew. % First Tube tease during Jam (realize that First Tube was debued 9/9/99, more than a year later) - Jeff Ishaq ***Aborted due to PA problems. Trey asks the road crew to turn the monitors around to face the audience and just use them as a PA. While they work, Trey, Mike, and Fish each tell a joke. Trey asks Fish to tell the Prison Joke (see 04-11-91 and 03-24-93), but the sound system is finally ready to go. Trey says, "Let's try this one again," and they begin "Mike's Song." During "Mike's Song", the road crew fixes the monitors [parts of the PA were still working]. Jeff Ishaq & Matt Vernon 03/06/02 Burlington, VT