Taper Notes:
View Notes05/19/00, Set I The Key Club, Los Angeles, CA SOURCE: KLOS moaural radio broadcast from the Key Club in Los Angeles > DAT > CDR > Verified flawless EAC (Jeff) > SHN v3 SOURCE OF UNBROADCAST PORTION OF 05/19/00 SHOW: AKG414/FOB > DAT > CDR > Verified flawless EAC (Jeff) > SHN v305/19/00, Set I: 01. [10:00] Gotta Jiboo 02. [07:28] First Tube 03. [07:29] Bug 04. [05:14] Heavy Things 05. [03:48] Talk (banter?) 5/19/00, Set I, Unbroadcast portion: 06. [11:11] Twist Around 07. [05:15] Tube 08. [05:37] Piper > 09. [04:37] Llama 10. [04:56] Brian & Robert 11. [04:14] Magilla Show Notes: This was a radio set that was broadcast on the "Mark and Brian" Radio Show. Funky Bitch and My Soul were performed as a warmup before the show went on the air, although the crowd was already in the bar. Jibboo through Heavy Things were aired live on the show (except for Magilla, which was played during a commercial break). The band briefly jammed on the Jeopardy theme tease during a radio break after Jibboo, with the crowd providing some vocals. Bug included a brief DEG tease. During one commercial break, the fans in attendance were entertained with a humorous question and answer session with the band. Studio versions of Birds, Bouncing, and Heavy Things were used as intros and outros for the commercials. Set II 01. [00:23] Intro 02. [04:08] Heavy Things 03. [02:25] Interview 04. [04:25] Get Back on the Train 05. [03:19] Interview 06. [06:51] First Tube 07. [00:20] Exit interview Show Notes: This performance, taped after the "Mark and Brian" show, aired on KACD (103.1) in Los Angeles. There were around twenty fans present for the taping.