James Toland
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Taper Notes:
View NotesThis recording, until now, was coveted by only 4 tapers that I know of. It was recorded using a portable boom box with a FM radio. The band was using a low frequency FM signal to power the monitors. What we have here is Phil's signal intercepted by our Boom box! It was then mastered to DAT. Enjoy this rare treat, take notice of the banter between band members and sound people. It will give you a glimps of the dynamics of the worlds greatest band! FM Analog>DAT>Macromedia Sound Edit>SHN Track 1-10 are all different takes of Unbroken Chain. It was debuted that very night for the first time ever! Enjoy James Toland [email protected] Additional comments from Cosmic Chuck [email protected]: > The soundcheck did get around during the late spring of that tour, and > of course I have an analog tape of it (high gen and lots of hiss). I > was specifically told to wait at least a number of months before I could > trade it in my area (sometimes us tapers have particular rules that are > forced upon us, although I have gotten a few jems that had these > "restrictions"). > > As for the banter between the band members, rumour has it (from a > reliable personal friend and dead productions source, whose name I can > not reveal) that Phil pushed very hard to get Unbroken Chain out during > this Philly run. A bunch of the band members were disappointed with > Jerry at that time due to his "getting" back on the train (heroin), and > his lackluster performance during the rehearsals and you can actually > hear hardly any jerry during that recording (yeah, I know it was Phil's > monitor mix).