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View NotesPhish 7/1/99 First American Music Center Antioch, TN Source: Neumann U89i (hypercard)>Apogee AD1000>DA-P1 Transfer: Fostex D5 > m-audio DiO 2496 > CD Wave > Adobe Audition>CDWave (tracking)> FLAC Thanks to Kevin Davis for transferring my DATs! Disc One: -Set 1- 1. Punch You In The Eye 2. Billy Breathes 3. Guyute 4. Wolfman's Brother* 5. Beauty of My Dreams** 6. Doin' My Time** 7. Roggae** 8. Water In The Sky** 9. Back On The Train** Disc Two: -Set 1 cont.- 1. Poor Heart** Set 2 2. Down With Disease > 3. Prince Caspian > 4. You Enjoy Myself 5. E:Character Zero * Jerry Douglas on Dobro ** w/ Jerry Douglas on Dobro Tim O'Brien on Fiddle Ronnie McCoury on Mandolin Gary Gazaway (El Buho) sat in on Trumpet for Poor Heart Show Notes: Wolfman's featured Jerry Douglas on dobro; Beauty of My Dreams through Back on the Train featured Jerry Douglas on dobro, Ronnie McCoury on mandolin and Tim O'Brien on fiddle. Poor Heart saw Gary Gazaway, on trumpet, join the other three guests on stage. Doin' My Time also featured O'Brien on lead vocals. The song was last performed when O'Brien joined the band onstage at Red Rocks on August 7, 1996. The second set may have been cut short by a huge thunderstorm that worsened during YEM. Set 2 was apparently cut short because of the pouring rain. Enjoy! Blane FINGERPRINT ph1999-07-01d1t01.flac:b0cc005fbe4658d798e875b454112440 ph1999-07-01d1t02.flac:6fd2c0b4f21ba787b4b0a4a591741059 ph1999-07-01d1t03.flac:5ed8139c019e97f0f8388ae1f41bb708 ph1999-07-01d1t04.flac:8c2980a5e70030add002fbe8d6cb7503 ph1999-07-01d1t05.flac:126474bce9aae407be7c0ef14b764380 ph1999-07-01d1t06.flac:3db8bc03af41c7cf43da2fbed4f6b4ae ph1999-07-01d1t07.flac:135d8653e284cee22d626735b950ca0a ph1999-07-01d1t08.flac:90c5d7197e51ea29f7915741732299da ph1999-07-01d1t09.flac:4d6e3579f0e5757f7f770fcaa8f24155 ph1999-07-01d2t01.flac:ea029503e3f1fd9ecb16a4bd829fcb17 ph1999-07-01d2t02.flac:997410ca1b6da37f3d523a6b42b00ec9 ph1999-07-01d2t03.flac:d7ab10b609d484d63f5a859333cd718a ph1999-07-01d2t04.flac:7a684c8d21f37276e741b9db491c3b0b ph1999-07-01d2t05.flac:4a9fa4f416ea1b03139c1377437c0d7c