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View NotesPhish 09-29-1999-Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN Disk 1 Set 1: 1. Runaway Jim-> 2. Free 3. Driver 4. Taste 5. Dirt 6. Nellie Cane 7. Stash* Disk2: Set 1(Contd): 1. Contest Announcement/Happy B-Day Trey 2. Them from The Bottom 3. Tweezer Reprise Set 2: 4. Jiboo-> 5. 2001-> 6. Down With Disease 7. Billy Breathes Disk3 Set 2(Contd): 1. Get Back On The Train 2. Mikes Song-> 3. Catapult-> 4. Mikes Song-> 5. Kung-> 6. Mikes Song-> 7. I Didnt Know-> 8. Weekapaug Encore: 9. Cities ? With Cant Turn you Loose Jam to end Stash Show Notes: Stash included Can't Turn You Loose and Happy Birthday (to Trey) teases. After Stash, Trey announced a contest where the winner would receive four tickets and backstage passes to any show in the next year and, jokingly, a date with Fishman. The question centered on what all of the songs played in the first set, with the exception of Driver, had in common. The answer was that all songs were in the Key of D. Cities was an appropriate choice as an encore for Memphis, and Trey altered the lyrics a bit for the occasion. Mike's included a Who Knows tease. Source: Schoeps mk4v>kc5 actives>cmc6>sonosax sx-m2>apogee ad-1000>d8>btp Transfer: da-p1>audio magic presto II>za2>forge/cdwav>.shn Transfer and shortening done by Eric McRoberts Note: There are some questionable flaws that will definitely be brought up, so please contact me if anyone has any questions, [email protected] or [email protected] (after September 2000). SHN > WAV > (files renamed to etree standards) > Trader's Little Helper (SBE fixes) > FLAC By: The SHNfamily May 10, 2009