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View NotesPhish 07/16/1999 Holmdel, New Jersey PNC Bank Arts Center Source: (OTS) Schoeps CMC6/mk41> Apogee AD-1000> Tascam DA-P1 (@44.1kHz) Taped by: Taylor Caine Transfer: Tascam DA-40> M-Audio Audiophile 2496> Samplitude 7.0 (fades)> CDWave> flac Transferred & Seeded by: TaylorC (07/22/2007) Set I t01 [05:31] Sample in a Jar t02 [03:51] Beauty of My Dreams t03 [05:06] Dogs Stole Things t04 [10:26] Limb by Limb t05 [08:01] Billy Breathes t06 [07:34] Vultures t07 [07:19] Back on the Train t08 [14:06] Maze t09 [05:31] Cavern Set II t10 [13:21] Also Sprach Zarathustra> t11 [12:20] Mike's Song> t12 [05:55] I am Hydrogen> t13 [10:36] Weekapaug Groove> t14 [08:22] Simple> t15 [10:47] Guyute t16 [07:23] Loving Cup> t17 [08:59] Golgi Apparatus Encore t18 [06:12] Born to Run Show Notes: Weekapaug included an Also Sprach tease. The encore was preceded by a story from Trey about how he and Page grew up "around here" in Jersey. Trey then referenced "the greatest songwriter of all time" and said that he, too, grew up in the area. While some in the crowd expected Bruce Springsteen (who was in the middle of a run of 15 sold-out dates at New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena), Trey produced Tom Marshall. Tom appeared in the classic Born in the U.S.A. - era Springsteen outfit, complete with red bandana. He subsequently sang the debut of Born to Run. As the song concluded Tom mocked a bunch of Springsteen-esque arena-rock clichs, such as throwing his bandana into the crowd and jogging offstage to a handler who threw a towel around his shoulders. During the song he even aped some dance moves from the Dancing in the Dark video. Notes: Born to Run, w/Tom Marshall, first time played Set I [1:06:49] Set II [1:17:43] Encore [06:12] Added Fades at start/end of Set I, start of Set II & end of Encore CD-R Tracking: D1 (t01-t09 w/t18), D2 (t10-t17)