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Matt Smith, Jamie Waddell, and Evan K.
SBD > Master Reel (film crew feed) at 7 1/2 i.p.s.
MR(film crew feed) at 7 1/2 i.p.s.>R at 7 1/2 i.p.s (Don Wolfe, Maxell UD XL reel tape) > Apogee Mini Me(24/96)>Apogee Mini DAC(monitoring)>LYNX ONE soundcard>Wavelab 5.0(dithered to 20/44) > CD > EAC > Wavelab > CDWave > FLAC
Taper Notes:
View NotesNotes: -Thank You Matt Smith for supplying the original discs -cuts in Cumberland Blues, Set Two Tuning and Morning Dew patched with existing shnids From Don Wolfe: "I was just beginning to collect and trade Grateful Dead when I got this soundboard. At the time I was actually looking for a recording of the 8/27/72 Veneta show, which I had had the good fortune to see in person.Since the Springfield Creamery (run by Ken Kesey's brother Chuck) had put on the Veneta show, I figured they would know who might have tapes. So I called up and asked, and I ended up contacting the people who had filmed the concert for the "Sunshine Daydream" movie.I visited them at a house near Pleasant Hill in Ken Kesey's general neighborhood.They were reluctant to give me a reel-to-reel copy of Veneta since it was the soundtrack to their movie, but they did give me a cassette copy. During the time I was hanging around copying tapes, I found out that they had traveled along with the Dead on the Europe tour, and I ended up getting a reel-to-reel copy of their tape of the 5/26/72 show at the Lyceum in London.The source tape player was an amazingly compact machine, with all of the electronics and motors in a box (as well as I can remember) maybe 10 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and a couple of inches deep, with extension arms that could hold 10 1/2 inch reels. I made a couple of visits and on one of them I got to see an early screening of the movie. They set up a screen behind their house after dusk, and a bunch of people came over to watch. The picture and soundtrack were on separate films (the sound track was on magnetic film with sprocket holes) and had to be synchronized. Another time we all went swimming. They were kind and generous to me, and I will always be thankful that they were willing to share their recordings". Originally Seeded at LosslessLegs 9/2008