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Source: SBD>MR>Cass>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN; This is a flac encoded & tagged restoration of shnid 2201; Restoration done with Diamond Cut Forensics 10 (beta1 through RC3)
Taper Notes:
View NotesDroncit notes: intermittent static in right channel interpolated. I Know You Rider: cut/splice (cut out blank spot) Around And Around): dropout (cut out blank spot) Wharf Rat discontinuity/splice (cut out blank spot) The intermitten fade out of the left channel, (and sometimes the right channel, very rarely both channels), was evident for about 1/3 of set I and about 1/3 of set II. Luckily, most instances had music, but at a lower level than the rest of the recording. Some of these occurred every 2 seconds, some had much greater distances between them. I found as many of these as I could and used a curvilinear gain increase. I got most of these, but likely missed some. They will be more noticeable in headphones. Sometimes the music was so far down it was difficult to bring up, but most of the time these spots are no longer noticeable. In instances where the music was completely gone, I interpolated these as best I could. There were too many of these instances to document. I then used several techniques to bring the presence back. This was recorded at a low level, or with a dirty head. I suspect the dirty head, or possibly a pinch roller with a piece of tape or oxide deposit that would lift the tape off the record head enough to cause the dropouts. Some hiss remains, especially between songs (no noise reduction was used). I checked for speed issues and digital artifacts as referred to in SHNID 130728, but did not find any, but did hear them in 130728, so I used the original source. There are spots where the band is a bit out of tune. There is still some lack of clarity in the instruments, and a couple of spots where the bass distorts but it's the best I can do with it.