Jeff Bowen
Jeff Bowen
Source: Nakamichi CM-300 CP-4 Shotgun Capsules > Sony WM-D6C (XLIIS)
XLIIS Master Transferred: Sony TC-D5M > HHb CDR 800 PRO Via Analog i/o > CD Masters > FLAC
Taper Notes:
View NotesLocation: OTS, Section 202, Row H, Seat #5 Tapers Notes: I remember THIS weekend well. Saturday’s show recording went pretty well. I was stunned to hear the first notes of ‘Death Don’t Have No Mercy’ in the second set. I remember thinking that the opening notes sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place them at first. I got a chill when I realized that it was in fact the song that I thought it was. The crowd went nuts, seeing how it was going to be the first time this song had been played in 19 years! Jerry’s vocals were so chilling, and Brent’s vocals were amazing. I miss both of them so much. Fortunately this show’s recordings still sound decent, in comparison to my master from 9/30/89. Sunday was an adventure. We started off recording Weir & Wasserman open for the Jefferson Airplane reunion (including a Hot Tuna set sandwiched midway through the set) at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in the afternoon, and then had to book it down to Shoreline to tape the Dead show that evening. Of course we were late, because of Bay Area traffic. The parking lots at Shoreline were nuts if you weren't there early, and we got stuck having to park in the back lot near the Christmas tree farm, which is like the ’lot from Hell’. We ran to the amphitheatre carrying all of the recording equipment with the rest of the stragglers and my ex-wife turned to me and said as we were running, 'And now for the 100 yard dash for late tapers division!' Funny. We got into the reserved section just as the house lights dropped and the band came on stage. The other tapers didn't seem too happy to let us in after they were already set up and I really didn't blame them. Luckily I had my Mini Mag light to help find our seats. We had to sit through the first set and then set up the recording equipment during the set break. (I was borrowing a set of Nakamichi CM-300s from a friend for this weekend’s shows. I was hesitant to take them into Golden Gate Park for the Airplane show because I didn’t know if taping would be allowed. It was, and I had ‘played it safe’ and left them locked up back in Oakland and had to use my Aiwa CM-30 for the SF gig. (I ran the same Nakamichi CM-300s with CP-4 shotgun capsules, but for some reason I used another friend’s Marantz PMD-430 to record the Sunday Dead second set instead of my D6, but I don’t remember why that master has not aged well, suffering print through, and is not worthy of a transfer.) Included in the torrent is a scan of three of my Dead ticket stubs, with 9/29/89 on the top.